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Fully Sublimated

Any of our sewn designs can be made as fully printed tanks!

 We have an extensive range of semi-custom, fully-printed sublimated Racetanks.  Your logo is included in the printing, we can go from spot colors to photo-realistic art! Contact us for pricing.


 Sewn Designs 

 Sometimes Racetanks with sewn-in elements are the most cost-efficient choice for your team! The groups below show our collection of Racetanks from simplest construction to most complex.  Embroider or Silkscreen your logo.

Custom Solid
Solid racetanks
Solid Racetanks--simple, but add a team logo and a budget top becomes the perfect complement to your team uniform.

Solid Racetank Pricing

Price1or23-12 13-3637-5960-99100 plus
Click here to see Upgrades & Add-ons

Sewn Elements Group One
Solid Tank with Contrast Binding
Single Speedstripe Singlet
 Single Pinstripe
 Side SwipeVerticalContrast BindingSingle SpeedstripeSingle Pinstripe

Group 1 Pricing

Price1 or 23-12 13-3637-5960-99100 plus
Group I

Sewn Elements Group Two
Split Horizontal Singlet
Split Diagonal Singlet
Split Curve Singlet
Split Vertical Singlet
My Horizon Singlet
  Split Horizontal

 Split Diagonal

 Split Curve Split Vertical  My Horizon

Group 2 Pricing

Price1or 23-12 13-3637-5960-99100 plus
Group II

Sewn Elements Group Three
Tri Partition
Star Trick
Double Speedstripes on SolidVertical Stripe with one SpeedstripeBound by Speed
Pipeline Tri- PartitionStar TrickDouble
Vertical w
Single Speedstripe
Bound by
can be tri-color
can be tri-color
Diagonal can be Tri-Color




Group 3 Pricing

Price1 or 23-12 13-3637-5960-99100 plus

Sewn Elements Group Four
Rip Curl
Double Horizontal--stripes can be different
Diagonal Stripes can be different widths
Rip CurlVinnie
Double Horizontal Double Diagonal ChevronChex
 Double stripes can vary in width
front and back
 FlagTriple Vertical
Cave In 

Group 4 Pricing

Price1 or 23-12 13-3637-5960-99100 plus
Grp IV

Sewn Elements Group Five
Vertical stripe with double speestripes

Vertical with Double SpeedstripesTriple Diagonal
Triple Horizontal
Double PinstripeSubtle Binding
 Stripes can vary in width
front and back
front and side
front and side
Simple High
Strapped & Tied
Tri-Partition with VerticalSwirl 1 Swirl 2

Group 5 Pricing

Price1 or 23-1313-3537-5960-99100 plus
Grp V

Sewn Elements Group Six
front and back
front and backfront and back
 Swirl TrafficPassage
 GTFlag with
MD2 with
Bite Back
MD2 with
Incline Back
front and back
front and back
 High Wire
 Cave In with
Vertical Stripe
  Jammin' Vertical Rip
Jolt  Diagonal
 High Wire

Group 6 Pricing

Price1-12 13-3637-5960-99100 plus 
Grp VI

Sewn Elements Group Seven
front and back
front and back
  MD3 Bite Back MD3 Incline Back 
  Available in XS-XL

Group 7 Pricing

Price1-1213-3637-5960-99100 plus 
Grp VI

Common Upgrades and add-ons
add to most Racetanks at appropriate quantity level
1 -8
9 - 59
Add Sewn-in Stripes (each)
Add Single Speed Stripes (pair)
Add Double Speed Stripes (2 pair)
Add Pinstripes (each)
Add Neck and Armhole Binding
printable versionPrintable version
 Men's Sizing Chart for Racetanks

Men's sizing information for Racetanks.  How to measure, how to get that great JL fit!

 What do our stripes look like?

See what we mean by all the different names of our Stripes. 

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