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Custom Baselayers

The JL Baselayer is a snug-fitting training or racing shirt, made of your choice of technical wicking fabrics. Designed for your body movement, the four-way strech and super soft "hand" of the fabrics ensure peak performance. Contrast armstripe is standard, many options are available. Make your own shirt in our Design Studio, adding your colors, bells, whistles, trim and logos just about anywhere.

Click on an image below to see the many styles of the JL Baselayer with pricing and upgrade information

How snug should I wear it?
As snug as you can. Technical properties work best when there is no airspace between you and the fabric.

What fabric is best for my team?
Choose a fabric depending on these factors: climate; team colors; worn while racing or training; buff factor...

How custom can JL get with these shirts?
Well...we do a lot of things that aren't seen on this website--it would be hard to show them all! It doesn't hurt to ask!

Where can I get a JL?
The real, actual, original JL is only sold by JL.

 Sizing Charts for LS Baselayers

Sizing information for Longsleeve Baselayers.  How to measure, how to get that great JL fit!

 What do our stripes look like?

See what we mean by all the different names of our Stripes. 

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